Long Nail Story #1

long nail pink
long nail pink
long nail pink
long nail pink
Drop The Seat By Candice 

From the silence came a roar! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how many times have I warned you Jim!!!!!! My sexy ass is soaking wet again and full of your disgusting piss. I am going to teach you once and for all that when you share a toilet with a Female that you must always DROP THE SEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The tall 6' Goddess was wearing only her 6" black stiletto heels and seamed stockings with black leather garter. She was
about to put on her leather mini and go out this Friday night but after getting her ass soaked for the umpteenth time she was
pissed off and pissed on!!!!! Her new live in boy toy Jim had done this too many times now and she had a way she knew
would teach him to never leave the seat up again. 
Jim did not know that the Femme Fatal he lived with had once been one of the best and cruelest Dominas in the United States or the world for that matter. Candice liked Jim because he was a sturdy well  built man of 44 years and he knew how to lick a twat with a certain expertise. She needed no man but liked having a toy for her
own most of the time. She had decided he would only be a straight sex lover but now that he had tested her she knew what to
do.........TOILET TRAIN THE WORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 Jim sat on the couch laughing at her. Little did Jim know Candice was a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and she was more than enough to
make him do as she willed this night. Take off your clothes right fucking now she said as her long black hair fell over her large
35c breasts. Her lips were glossy red and her long 2" nails were painted red as well. She pointed to the ground with her red nail
and said on your knees slave! Jim laughed but was turned on at the new and exciting women he had lived with for only two
months now. He thought he would play along and get his lights fucked out so he took off his cloths and fell to his knees.

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