Long Nail Story #12 – Medical board exam

Breast long nail ping & white
Breast long nail ping & white
Breast long nail ping & white
Breast long nail ping & white

This is a true story I had to go to my hometown to take the medical board exam. The boards were a miserable experience. Twenty hours in two days of long hard questions. After they were over I was stressed, worn out and tense so I figured I would stop for a beer on the way home. I passed a go go club and figured better yet a beer and some girls. I went inside and it was dingy with only a couple of customers and only a few girls.

The girls had to wear tops and bottoms because alcohol was served. After a while of being ignored by the girls, one finally came over. She was a short perky blond. She was wearing a very short skirt and a tube top that only covered her breasts, and this lacy shawl type thing that went down to her fingers like fingerless gloves. She had big Bcup or small C sized breasts and pretty nice ass and legs. At the end of her fingers she had long 1 inch past the tip, nails. They were painted a bright cherry red. She came over to me and was really friendly and she started massaging my back and neck.

This was great because I was so tense from the test. I tipped her a couple of bucks and she continued massaging and we talked. Then she started rubbing her nails along my back and then my neck, which felt incredible. I am used to paying 20 dollars for a 5 minute lap dance followed by a tip at other places, (not that I go to strip clubs very often).

She had been massaging me and rubbing up against me for at least 5 minutes and had not asked for any money yet, so I gave her 10 dollars. She seemed so grateful and said that I made her night. I wondered how little others tipped and how cheap they were. She grinded me for a while but mostly massaged me and scratched my neck, back and head because she could tell that I loved it. She did this thing with her nails on my neck that gave me goose bumps.

She did this for almost 20 minutes until the manager told her to do rounds and see the rest of the customers. She told me she would be back and she would send over another girl to keep me company. Since this place obviously was used to lousy tippers, they probably viewed me as Donald Trump. I told her to send someone who could do that thing with her nails that she had been doing. She giggled but I didn’t think she took me seriously. One minute later a 6′ foot tall black woman came over.

She had a great body. She had size C breasts, great long legs and large hands with 2 inch past the fingertip nails, painted white. She was wearing a two piece bikini. She immediately had me put a dollar between her breasts, but I just looked at those hands squeezing the breasts together around the dollar. She pretty much just grinded me and gave me a lap dance. She put her hands on my thighs as she rubbed her butt on me. Occasionally she would scratch my legs. Every minute or so she would reach back and pull her elastic so I could slip some money in.

It was nice with her ass rubbing my dick while staring at the best hands and nails I have ever seen up close. She did this for about 10-15 minutes costing me about 15 dollars, until she decided to go. A few minutes later the first girl came back and massaged me some more. She would have continued and I really wanted her to but I had to go. I had a family dinner to go to. All in all, the experience totally relieved my stress and was a very memorable experience. My friends picked on me for going to a club where the women were clothed but they just don’t know what they are missing.

The end. Sighting 2 I went to Fuddruckers the burger place for dinner a few weeks ago. The way the place works if you haven’t been there before is, you order and then sit down until your name is called and you pick up your food. The place is always crowded and hectic. Well after I ordered I went to where the names are called because I figured I would stand and wait rather then getting a table. The girl who called the names and put the food on trays and did whatever finishing touches that were necessary was this cute 16-18 year old brunette.

She was thin but what made me notice her, since I don’t normally stare at average looking teens was her nails. She had at least 3-inch nails. They were painted a dark metallic red. I became mesmerized and couldn’t take my eyes off of her or them. I am sure most people notice her nails and most don’t say anything so she is used to people looking but I was staring and I hope I didn’t make her uncomfortable. I watched her.

The way she cupped the microphone when she called a name leaving her fingers extended showing off her nails rather than making a fist like most people would do. She had to put paper on the trays and I watched her scoop up each paper off of the pile. When she called my name I just grabbed my food and sat down. She didn’t look at me like she noticed my staring.

There were no seats available with a view of the counter so I ate in peace. When I got up to pay I stopped near the counter and stared for another minute. Then I just paid and left

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