Long Nail Story #12 – The Surprise

long nail black handjob
long nail black handjob
long nail black handjob
long nail black handjob
This day started like most other work days for the two friends. Both were dressed to kill and both were in charge of many others at their different jobs. The day was a special one for them though, because tonight Candy would be transforming  herself into her alter ego known as the one and only Mistress Candice Lee. 

Candy had been perturbed at her friends new found aggressiveness and felt that she needed to put Brennie back into perspective with a new from of Dominance in the form of humility. You see, Brennie was no stranger to pain being Mistress Candice Leeís slave and so tonight would be a rather different agenda, so to say, for both Women. They both called each other during the work day but seldom talked of Fetish as Mistress never allowed that to be discussed via telephones at her work place. However, today Candy wanted to start the mind fuck early so she called her good friend and told her that tonight they would be going out to a new bar and that they would meet a friend there that would be brought back later to pleasure them.

Little did Brennie know that the nights plan was to teach her that she is the slave and Mistress Candice Lee is the Dominatrix.
 At seven that night, Brennie arrived at Candice's home wearing a short, latex, mini dress and 6" heels made of black, patent leather. Her long blond hair was straight and draping her back like a cape. On her wrists were matching, black studded braceletís made of leather. She wore no stocking, as she preferred to show off her well toned legs this night. Candice opened the door and greeted her in a red latex gown with a slit running down the right side and stopping just about at her 6" black patent leather pumps, that had metal heels. Candice's gown was low cut and showed her 35c breasts to all that would dare look and she donned a silver arm band around her biceps that said Mistress Candice on it. It was engraved with diamonds and looked like it cost a fortune. As always Candice wore several rings and her long 2" nails were bright red tonight as were her full lips. Her long black wavy hair draped her back, and also in the front, dangling around her cleavage like coal runs down a mountain side in the mountains.

 Once inside Brennie asked her Mistress what they would do to the surprise victim tonight once back at the dungeon which lie in Candice's basement. Candice stared at her and replied " why Brennie, I guess you will just have to wait and see now won't you" and then Candice laughed and said get in my truck we need to leave right now.
On the way there Candice admired Brennieís legs every chance she got, thinking about how nice it would be to take a leather crop to them and give them a custom made design made of her own special kind, the kind known as painful insertion.

Candice knew how much Brennie hated the smell of her cigarettes, so she lit up a VS menthol and started to say to her slave, that if all went well tonight, she could do as she wished with the surprise victim they would soon meet, and then take away from the bar and to Candice's dungeon.

 Candice had not told Brennie very much about this person and Brennie knew that Candice would not like her asking many more questions, so she would just have to wait and see what the person looked like and acted like, it didnít matter though because either way Candice was there and everything would be just fine because Candice always seen to that. Brennie took a deep breath and smiled because she knew that whoever this was, could never be a match for her in Mistresses eyes. Brennie's wish was to serve her friend and Mistress, for all eternity, Candice knew this, but still felt that Brennie had to be taught a lesson for becoming a bit to aggressive with her, in a recent session where Candice had been submissive to her.

 After about a half an hour the Ladies found themselves in the heart of downtown Denver in an area regarded as sexually liberal. There were all the mixes there, gays, male and female, s/m crowd, like they were, and every fetish known, was somewhere to be found in this part of Denverís lower downtown section known as LoDo.
 The Ladies grabbed their purses and went into a nicer of the fetish bars to sit and await the arrival of the special guest that Mistress had arranged for her pleasure.

Candice smiled at Brennie and said why don't you look around and see if you can spot the whore I have decided to have for our pleasure tonight. She is here, I seen her on our way in. She has been instructed to ignore us till I walk over and introduce you.

Of course Candice was doing her famous mind fuck again to her friend and slave by making her guess. Brennie looked across the room and seen a short redhead wearing a black leather dress and long nails and pointed to her and said right there Mistress, I bet that is her right. Nope! said Candice and started laughing as she stood up and held out her hand to Brennie and said come with me, I will take you to her, you are blind as a bat and I am ready to get started. As Candice walked across the clubs dance floor she told Brennie that the person was not very good in English and had been instructed to not speak to them to only nod her head yes or no when spoken to.

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