Long Nail Story #13 – Courageous

Long Nail red
Long Nail red
Long Nail red
Long Nail red

I think some of the new nail tapes I’ve discovered and other people’s nail stories got my curiosity up and made me a little braver too. Through some Internet searching and an “underground” paper, I found a long-nailed goddess to satisfy my nail fetish. After several phone calls, she convinced me I’d have an evening to remember. She wanted to meet me at a coffee shop near her place in southern Illinois to talk first and then go to her place. I really think she wanted to check me out first. She said she would be wearing a casual sweat suit outfit and asked me to wear something similar. The shop was fairly empty when I showed up and it was easy to spot her. She looked early 40, about 5′ 6″, 130lbs, blond hair, attractive features. She had gloves on so I couldn’t see what really counted. She assured me over the phone that her nails were real, varying in length from 1-2″, and filed to a slight point. She already had a coffee in front of her and asked me to join her. We made some small talk at first and then got down to business. She handed me a piece of paper with about 10 rules on it I had to agree on.

I couldn’t touch her with my hands or feet, no exchange of bodily fluids, she would not inflict any pain above what would cause some medium discomfort, she would not touch genital areas, etc. I said everything looked fine. As I told her on the phone I wasn’t into S&M, but have seen some videos (she was well aware of Sondra) of moderate scratching and that’s what I wanted. We agreed on $100 for an hour session. She instructed me to leave my car parked and she would drive me to her place and drop me off later. She lived in a small house in an older neighborhood. She invited me in and led me downstairs. I was expecting to see some kind of dungeon layout but instead found myself in what looked like a living room, with a TV, couch, and a couple of chairs. She told me to lay on the couch and remove my what I wanted, except for my underwear. She went into another room and came out in a few minutes wearing what looked like a black, leather, one piece bathing suit. It was extremely tight looking and revealed cleavage that was hidden by her sweats.

She still had her gloves on and I was beginning to wonder if she had long nails or not. She sat down next to me and slowly took off those gloves. She had incredible nails! Just like she described, 1-2″ long, and very sharp looking. She said normally she paints them red but remembers my preference to natural or clear. She begins by lightly scratching my chest and arms. By now, I’m fully erect and my underwear is not hiding my excitement. She looks down and seems satisfied that she is really turning me on. She motions for me to lay face down on the couch as she continues to lightly scratch my entire body. I can’t describe the feeling of 10 sharp nails going up and down my back. After about 10 minutes of this her rhythm picks up and her nails begin to dig in a little harder. Not quite painful yet but I’m sure she’s leaving thin red lines down my back. She hasn’t talked a whole lot since the session’s begin and then asks me how I’m doing; if I’d like her to scratch harder.

I said go for it and she’s now digging in with all 10 nails, releases, and goes to another spot. It’s now getting a little painful and I bite down and try not to yell out. She rolls me over and begins to work on my chest. I can see red lines begin to show up as she claws down my chest and indentations where she digs in and holds for a while. I tell her she’s beginning to hurt a little too much and she laughs but does ease up some. At one point the intense pain and pleasure at the same time allows me to climax and she notices the wet stain in my underwear. The climax was quite intense for me and left me drained. When the hour was up she gave me a moist towel to wipe myself with. I went to use the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My entire back had red welt marks on it as well as my chest. I finished wiping up and she drove me back to the car. Again, we made some small talk. She said it was a pleasure and hoped to see me again soon. It definitely was worth the $100 and the experience I had.

It was the start of a normal day at work for me, as I punched my time card and headed over towards my desk, where I could start on another mound of paperwork piled high to the ceiling. Monotonously, I began to sort the immense pile of work, when I got thirsty for a drink of water. No problem, I thought, the water cooler should have plenty of water left in it. Unfortunately for me, by the time I got to the cooler, not only was it empty, but my boss was standing there, looking for somebody to get more water. As luck would have it, I was the one he had his eye on.

“Mr. Walters, I need you to go get us some more water, PRONTO!”

“Yes, sir”, I stuttered back, as I retrieved the water bottle from the cooler. I took the bottle down into my car and started it to go to the local store for some water. little did I know the events that would cum would change my life forever.

I walked up to the water dispenser at the store, put in my quarter, and proceeded to fill the bottle. As I was finishing, I happened upon a miraculous sight. Going into the store was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her long golden blonde hair shone like a star, and her firm, but tight, body was enclosed by nothing more than a T-shirt, and mini skirt. Her long, shapely , muscular legs were stuffed into shoes that somehow seemed bigger than what one would expect for a woman of this size. Being a long-nail lover, I had to see her hands. I was pleasantly surprised to see 1″ long fingernails, purple colored, gently draping from her lovely fingers. Suddenly, I didn’t seem to care about work anymore- all I cared about was seeing her long nails!

I followed her into the store, but so as not to arouse suspicion, I put the water bottle back into my car, and grabbed a shopping cart, and made like I was going grocery shopping. I followed her into the store, and watched her pick up several things with those nails. She took (what seemed to me) an excruciatingly long amount of time looking at things, as if she wanted me to see her nails. She would also drum her fingernails against the cart, making a clicking noise that made my heart (and dick) jump even more. As we came upon the last aisle, she was looking at a bottle of liquor. How she did not notice me following her every footstep I don’t know. She left her cart to go elsewhere, and I decided to follow her. I was surprised to see that she was leaving the store, even though she still had a cart full of food. I hurried to follow her, but when I got to the exit, she was no longer there. Oh, well, I thought. Add that one to my long nail sightings. I then felt a presence behind me. I turned, and saw the woman there, in front of me, smiling. Before I could react, she reached out with her long nails, and I felt her scratch the back of my neck. I blacked out.

I awoke in a white room, with no windows around. From the flow of air around me, I could tell that I was naked. I tried to get up, but found that I was strapped down on the bed. I felt very fearful of what was going on. Then, from behind me, I heard a door close. I than saw the same woman I saw in the parking lot, looking down at me, with an evil-looking smile across her beautiful face.

“W-Who are you?” I managed to stutter out.

“I am Mistress Jodie.” She explained, “and you are my next subject.”

“But- I mean…” I stammered.

“I have selected you to be my next subject in my work. I have watched you carefully the last few weeks, and I know all about your long nail fetish. You thought I didn’t notice you following me around like a dog, drooling over my long nails, did you? You men think you can do anything to a woman to get your long nails, don’t you”

She stopped me before I had a chance to speak “I don’t like the way you males treat us women, so I will show you how it feels to be womanized!”

I watched as her long nails produced a syringe from her coat pocket. All I could see was her long nails as she stuck the syringe inside me. She laughed, and walked away. I heard a strange clicking sound coming from her as she walked. I looked through a mirror attached to a wall, and saw a pair of small feet with what looked like 1″ long toenails, painted purple, like her fingers, clicking on the hard surface. I felt dizzy, and passed out.

I awoke again on the table, and noticed that I had a throbbing erection. I did not know how it was that I had gotten it, but there it was. I heard Mistress Jodie open the door, and walk to me.

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