Long Nail Story #2

Long Nail Black
Long Nail Black

A short story by Mistress Candice Lee  Heat was the word of the day thought Danny as he hopped out of the 72 ford pick up truck which was in mint condition. No a/c was about the only bad thing about the classic red truck. None the less Danny drove it wherever he went. It didn’t really matter because in about one minute he would be sucking down a cold beer and looking at some hot and sexy sluts as he called them. You see Danny was in the parking lot of Puss N Boots strip club his place to be, and favorite place to degrade Women.

 Danny was a sheepish man of 42 that had never been married because of his attitude towards the fairer sex. He was about 5′-7″ and not in very good shape.  He had hated Women since the age of 12 when his neighbor “Jenny” caught him jacking off outside her window and told hi s mom. He received a sound whipping from her wide leather belt and couldn’t sit for a week he remembered as he walked into the club and sat at the first stage.

Danny was well off and owned his own car dealership down the road, this was the only reason the club owner and strippers allowed such an asshole in there, he spent the bucks like there was no tomorrow! Brandy approached him at the stage and asked Danny, Cold bee right? Danny had this thing where he would order cold beer for a couple hours and when one was brought to him without him asking he had a chance to change up and say I want a screwdriver now. This was another one of his ways to fuck with the Women of the club. Danny said yes a cold beer and make it fast I am dying of thirst here. 
 Danny seldom got laid and when he did it was usually from a streetwalker.

His means of sex usually meant three or four hours at the club and then a drive to Colfax for a hooker and a cheap room. As Brandy returned with a cold beer Danny asked if any new girls had been hired since the last time he had been there. Brandy said yes, there is a new girl here today but I don't think you will like her Danny. Danny asked why not Brandy. Well Danny, you see her name is Anna Conda and she takes shit from no man, so she says. She says she dances for pleasure and could care less about the money or if she has a job, so I don't think your smart mouth will cut it with her no matter what amount of money you throw in front of her. Danny became excited at the challenge and asked when she would be there. Brandy replied, She only does one dance a night and that isn't for another couple hours. She never comes in till the sun goes down because she hates the daytime. She says daylight is for saints and night is for sinners. She works here for free and what a magnificent dancer she is. We have already doubled business on the nights she works.

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