Long Nail Story #21 – Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons – Chapter 1 : The New Teacher

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The class was unruly even at the best of times. Mrs. Goodsbe was a warm and competent science teacher but a poor disciplinarian. She did not help her cause by arriving late. Student voices, always so difficult to silence during the day’s first period, rose ever higher as more of them considered to be a real possibility the dream of a teacher simply not showing up.

Matthew Robins sat in a corner seat, his anxiety growing with each minute that ticked by. Matthew liked biology class and he liked Mrs. Goodsbe. He hated seeing a kind woman pushed around. But mostly he hated watching another part of the high school taken over by a certain segment of the student population who made their own rules, convinced that their charisma would carry the day against authority.

But if those young men and women thought today was finally their day of freedom, they were to be disappointed in several ways. The class drew silent as the door burst open and a woman strode in. It was Mrs. Reid, the school’s strict principal.

A group of girls must have assumed the footsteps belonged to Mrs. Goodsbe because they continued chatting without looking up.

“Melissa, Janet, I know that’s not how you behave when Mrs. Goodsbe enters the room,” she said sternly. The principal was a tall, imposing but still feminine teacher. “Please extend me the same courtesy.” Of course their indifference is exactly how they would have greeted Mrs. Goodsbe. Everyone knew that, but the principal pretended otherwise and the girls couldn’t correct her. Melissa looked horrified to be called out by the principal while Janet, the more popular, daring girl, just sulked that she had been beat.

“Thank you for your attention,” Principal Reid continued. “I’m here this morning because of an unusual situation. Mrs. Goodsbe is going to absent for the next few weeks. Luckily, we found a very qualified substitute teacher who will be with you until Mrs. Goodsbe returns. Yes, Crystal, you have a question?”

“Is Mrs. Goodsbe all right?” the arty brunette student asked.

“Yes. While it would be inappropriate for me to go into details, I can assure you that Mrs. Goodsbe will be ok. A personal matter came up unexpectedly that forced her to leave…”

On the other side of the door, through the small glass window, Christina Kane watched the principal take the class’ reins. Christina smiled. It had taken significant time and energy to arrange a situation where she would be called to join a school mid-year. The principal thought she was preparing the way for a smooth transition. Christina knew everyone would be transitioning quite smoothly regardless, but if the Mrs. Reid really wanted to help, Christina had ideas.

She heard her name mentioned and Mrs. Reid beckoned her in. Ms. Kane’s lips picked up at the corners of her mouth, forming her professional teacher’s smile as she strode confidently into the room. “Hello everyone, I am Ms. Kane.”

Matthew fell in love instantly. He had had crushes on his teachers in the past. Even Mrs. Reid had a cougar quality that occasionally fueled his masturbatory fantasies. But Ms. Kane was simply gorgeous from head to toe.

“I’ll let you get class started, Ms. Kane,” the principal said. “Let me know if you have any difficulty adjusting. I’m sure I can propose a solution if that’s the case.” The threat to the formerly unruly students made clear.

Ms. Kane began class right away but Matthew did not hear anything she said. He was too busy drooling over her legs. He may have refocused on her words after a longing glance at her best assets if she hadn’t been wearing that anklet. It dangled alluringly off her foot, a thin gold chain with a small blue stone that somehow sparkled all the way across the room. Matthew was captivated by it, the way it rested just above her heel, dazzling his eyes.

Matthew never considered that he had a leg fetish, but now he wondered. He couldn’t take his eyes off her legs. Then her hand came in view. Red fingernails moved down the stocking clad leg until her fingertips actually brushed against the shiny jewelry. As the red nails retreated back up her body Matthew’s eyes followed. Ms. Kane was sitting on top of the desk with her legs crossed provocatively. He coveted the front row seat of Caitlyn Horwitz. Matthew thought that what he imagined to be Caitlyn’s full view up the teacher’s dress was wasted on the goody too-shoes student.

Ms. Kane brushed back a lock of her fiery red hair. Her nails scratched against her neck. Matthew leaned forward. His elbow brushed against his crotch and his very hard cock. He had to relax. It would be too easy to forget himself and start masturbating in the middle of class. That almost sounded like exactly what he needed, but the consequences wouldn’t be nearly as cathartic.

Everything about the sexy new teacher was inviting. Ms. Kane’s nails began to play with the gold chain around her neck. It too dazzled in the light, reflecting directly into Matthew’s eyes. He just stared and ignored everything she was saying until the bell rang.

As students walked out, Matthew sat trying to clear his head. He also willed his erection to subside. Ms. Kane sat behind Mrs. Goodsbe’s desk evaluating her new charges while they filed past her.

“Is that an engagement ring?” Janet asked as she walked by. “It’s gorgeous!” Christina extended her hand slightly so the girl could admire the teacher’s ring. It was a beautiful princess cut Tiffany diamond in a platinum bezel setting.

“When is the wedding?” Melissa asked.

“In the fall,” Ms. Kane said.

“Who is the lucky guy?” Janet asked.

“Girls, you’re going to be late for your next class,” the teacher answered. Ms. Kane did not want them to think they were becoming girlfriends. They would have a professional student/teacher relationship…at least until Ms. Kane was ready. Janet still lingered. “If you’re really interested in staring at my ring, we can arrange extra time for that.” Melissa pushed her friend out the door.

Now everyone was gone except for Matthew. Luckily Mrs. Goodsbe’s third period was opem so they were not being interrupted by arriving student. Ms. Kane kept a constant vigilance as he put away his books and carried his bag to the front of the class.

“Welcome to Jasper Falls,” he told her with a confident grin. Then once passed, he felt incredibly embarrassed. Was that an appropriate comment? Since when did he flirt like a prom king with his female teachers? He kept his gaze at the door. He would soon be out.

“Excuse me, Matthew, would you stay for a moment?” Ms. Kane’s sweet voice reached him just before he reached the door. Slowly he turned around. Ms. Kane stood leaning over the edge of her desk. “I need a student’s help to prepare an upcoming class experiment. Would you like to help me, Matthew? I will write you a late pass after we are done.”

“Sure,” he said. He walked back towards the desk. His cock hadn’t calmed down at all and now it would clearly stay at full attention for the foreseeable future. Ms. Kane walked towards him. Matthew thought they were going to meet in the middle but she stepped around him. Ms. Kane closed the classroom door. She also shut off half the classroom’s lights.

“What we’re doing is wrong,” Ms. Kane said. “It’s against the rules for a teacher to be alone in a room with less than five students and the door closed. So we have to be quick.” Matthew looked nervously around the empty classroom.

“What is this about, Ms. Kane?”

“Please don’t ask questions, Matthew. Just have a seat. I’ll explain everything you need to know. You do not have to think right now. Just follow the instructions I give you.” Matthew nodded and sat in one of the wooden classroom chairs.

“That chair isn’t very comfortable, is it?” Ms. Kane continued. “Sit in my chair. I will be standing above you most of this experiment anyways. My chair is softer. I want you to be comfortable. This experiment is all about how you relax.”

“Yes, Ms. Kane,” Matthew walked from his seat to the upholstered chair behind the teacher’s desk. Ms. Kane opened her purse. Matthew noticed something different about this teacher. She was assertive but also playful. Assertive and playful, didn’t that equal seductive? Matthew’s heart leapt. He would give anything in the world to have Ms. Kane seduce him. Please, please, he prayed.

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