Long Nail Story #22 – Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons – Chapter 2 : The Tutoring Session

LOng nail Black
Long nail black

Ms. Christina Kane changed into something special in her exquisitely furnished bedroom. It was late and she did not expect any visitors seeking Ms. Kane the high school teacher. Only Ms. Kane the hypnotic mistress of young men’s fantasies would be sought tonight. She sprayed any extra dose of her hypnotic scent onto her skin, paying particular attention to her wrists, neck and breasts.

She dressed in a short red dress, matching her bright red hair. She applied a fresh layer of her special lipstick, also a deep shade of red. Christina looked over her reflection in her full-length mirror. So much red! Everything from her sexy heels to those shimmering locks of hair glowed with scarlet passion. Her delicious red lips pursed, blowing a kiss to herself. How could anyone ever resist such a luscious sight! Then she opened her bedroom safe. She pulled out a bright gold chain holding her favorite piece of jewelry: a sparkling blue crystal pendant. But, before she could fasten it around her neck, she was interrupted by a ringing phone. She walked gracefully over to her nightstand and lifted the receiver.

“Hello,” she answered in her sweetest voice.

“Hello, Ms. Kane, it’s Valerie Reid calling again.”

“Good evening, Principal Reid. How may I help you?”

“I’m calling to ask for your help again, as you can probably guess.” The principal laughed. “Looks like Mrs. Goodsbe won’t be returning this year. Do you think you could stay until June?”

Christina’s face beamed with a slow, sultry smile. “I’d be delighted to, Principal Reid,” she purred.

There was a sigh of relief at the other end of the line. “Thank you so much. You have been a life safer! And for a new teacher not to have any major disciplinary issues, that’s nearly unheard of! I appreciate your old-fashioned approach to handling students. And please, call me Valerie.”

“Yes, Valerie. I have loved working under your supervision, and I love all the students in Jasper Falls. I hope I can continue to be a positive influence. Good night.” She hung up. She went back to her bureau and picked up the gold chain. She felt the weight in her hand and marveled how such a small blue stone could so easily entrap a horny young man under the intoxicating influence of her hypnotic perfume.

She went downstairs, dimming the lights as she went and lighting a few strategic candles. The most light was reserved for the living room that featured a large screen television. Her door bell rang. She moved there slowly and opened the door wide. Standing on her porch was her new favorite student. Matthew’s eyes immediately went to Christina’s own. She would smile so wickedly, watching as Matthew’s mouth gaped open slightly. “Please come in, Matthew,” Christina greeted, flashing a dazzling smile. “I am very happy you decided to visit me this evening.”

“Yes, Ms. Kane,” Matthew answered. He stepped into the home he had visited on previous nights, though the memories were denied to him. He turned around and locked the door behind him. Then he gazed at Ms. Kane. He came towards her. Christina would be delighted to see Matthew’s nostrils flare in her presence. Her perfume smelled even better than he had remembered in his dreams. Matthew was beginning to feel a little woozy.

“Are you falling into your trance?” she asked, her voice slipping down into a sensuous, compelling whisper.

“Yes,” he said. Normally Ms. Kane had to instruct him to go under but this night he went immediately into it. He was also incredibly horny. Already, Matthew’s cock strained at the fabric of his loose jeans, so prominently tenting the denim.

Ms. Kane stepped forward. Her hips swayed so sexily, rocking on those high heels. Reaching up, her long nails caressed Matthew’s cheeks as she took his face in her hands and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. It was their first real kiss. The taste of her lipstick mingled with his saliva in his mouth and gave him waves of erotic pleasure. Her lipstick was laced with the same erotic drug as her perfume.

Matthew moaned softly as her kiss melted over his senses, making Christina smile so wickedly. “Please follow me into the other room,” Ms. Kane said. She took Matthew’s hand and pulled him after her down the narrow hallway. They went into the living room and she had Matthew sit on plush leather sofa. “Have you been dreaming, young man?” Ms. Kane asked, a smile on her shimmering lips as she stood over him.

“Yes,” Matthew whispered, panting softly. “I hear your voice in all my dreams. I see the blue crystal swinging back and forth under my eyes lulling me into a deep trance. I hear your sweet voice telling me to go deeper. I feel so good listening to your voice. I answer, ‘I must obey,’” Christina was delighted to see him squirm. That phrase had been one of her more fun triggers. Matthew had been conditioned to feel pleasure, each time he would say those words. “And it feels so good to obey. I obey and you allow me to cum.”

“Mmmh,” Ms. Kane let out an aroused moan. Part of her couldn’t believe it had worked so perfectly, that this young man before her was so completely under her power. “You mean this blue crystal, Matthew?” She asked. She raised the stone up to Matthew’s eye level, the light gold chain dangling over her long polished fingernails.

Matthew’s eyes immediately locked onto it. The blue crystal! It was real, just inches from his eyes. He had forgotten its true brilliance. It was shining so prettily, dangling off of Ms. Kane’s nails, painted a glittery, metallic purple. He had forgotten the richness of her polished nails, how Ms. Kane loved playing to his naughty new fetish. He would worship her forever just for a chance to experience a glimpse of the reality of his nightly fantasies.

“Stare into the blue crystal, Matthew. Stare deep into the swaying crystal, Matthew. Remember your dream from before. Remember how good it felt to go so, so deep. Go deep for me, Matthew. Try to resist just a little. Try to resist just so you realize how utterly impossible it is for you to resist, because there is absolutely no part of you that wants to resist. You’re a smart young man, Matthew. Why would you ever want to resist the naughtiest, sexiest, most pleasant trance you could ever experience if you just closed your eyes and fall back in?” She leaned in closer. Her soft breath teased over Matthew’s face, that fascinating, hypnotic necklace dangling right before his eyes. “Just close your eyes, Matthew. Close your eyes…”

Matthew moaned softly, letting his eyelids fall closed. He saw nothing for a moment, just a wave of flowing blue washing through his mind. Then he heard a sweet voice calling him “Can you hear me, Matthew?” The blue wave twirled together and formed back into the blue crystal. Then it was dangling from long purple nails. Ms. Kane’s beautiful form appeared in his mind, dangling the crystal before his eyes.

“Yes, Ms. Kane,” Matthew whispered.

“Can you still see me?”

“Yes, Ms. Kane. I can see you swinging your blue crystal.”

Christina grinned so sweetly. “Good boy, Matthew. You realize now that it doesn’t matter whether your eyes are open or shut. When you are in your trance, you see the pleasant, sexy images that I command you to see. You see my sexy form and my hypnotic blue crystal. The more you watch that sparkling blue crystal, the deeper you travel into your warm, pleasant trance. Deeper and deeper.”

Matthew moaned as he savored the sight of Ms. Kane and her blue crystal. His cock throbbed against the denim of his jeans, straining to stand up, so hard and erect. Christina looked down at it, unable to keep from licking her lips at the sight of his struggling erection. “Mmmh. Take off your pants, Matthew.” The entranced boy nodded, slowly rising from his seat. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. His cock stuck straight out. Thick drops of precum gathered at the tip of that swollen head.

Ms. Kane nibbled her lower lip. She watched intently as more and more clear precum flowed, without him even being touched! Christina placed her finger flat against the head. It felt warm and wet. She removed her finger and rubbed it against her thumb. That precum spread in a clear thin line between her thumb and forefinger. She stretched it out and then greedily licked it off her fingers. It wasn’t nearly enough. She needed young, virginal cum. But this wasn’t solely about her needs. She needed to finish before she enjoyed her reward.

“Yes, excellent, Matthew. You have obeyed my commands perfectly. You know that when you fall into a deep, erotic trance, you will feel so very horny. You feel so very horny and naughty, because you are experiencing your deepest fantasy, to be hypnotized by Ms. Kane, the sexiest woman you have ever met.”

Matthew’s breathing came in slow, halting pants. His fingers twitched, aching with the desire to touch himself, as he did every night while dreaming of Ms. Kane. But the sight of Ms. Kane in his mind, still teasing him with that hypnotic crystal, restrained him, even as his cock throbbed.

Ms. Kane, for her part, willed herself not to give into the temptation of touching herself. A young, hard cock full of cum, just for her. It was too hot for her pussy to resist! But resist she must. She threw herself into the task at hand, curling up next to Matthew on the sofa.

“Very good, Matthew,” Christina purred, nuzzling and licking his earlobe. “With every breath you take, you lose more and more will, those very last tiny bits of free will you didn’t even realize you had. Every breath. Your chest rising up and down. Deep breaths.” Softly, she nuzzled her lips against his neck, grinning as his cock stirred even more. “Each deep breath you take melts more of that naughty will away, melting it down into your hot, wet cock. You are slowly losing the very last, tiny, almost insignificant reminders of free will. The small parts of your mind that think you could ever be happy without being completely enslaved by your sexy teacher, without being her complete, devoted, obedient slave, those parts of your mind as are evaporating as you succumb to the swaying of my hypnotic blue crystal.”

Matthew was surprised to find a small, thought at the back of his mind that asked: why am I so willing to be a slave? His lust quickly responded: Because it felt so good! He saw her bright ruby lips whispering to him just behind the swaying crystal. Yes, it does feel so good. This is what I’ve always wanted, that part of his mind agreed.

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