Long Nail Story #23 – Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons – Chapter 3 : The Principal’s Offer

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Handjob long nail pink
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The warm weather wreaked havoc on proper authority. Principal Valerie Reid sensed the heat radiating throughout the building the moment she stepped into the hallway. Young men and women, who during the winter were already finding every excuse to assert their independence, acted as if all rules were suddenly abandoned once the thermometer went over 80. They filled the hallways in shorts, tank tops, flimsy skirts and flip-flops, pushing the boundaries of the dress code at every point, and behaving like the final two weeks of class were simply one big luau.
Mrs. Reid herself was not immune to the effects of the weather. She felt a bead of sweat running down her neck as she walked from the teacher’s lounge to her office. She did not wipe it away but instead enjoyed the cooling sensation the trickle provided as it snaked down her body. She also felt air blowing across her chest. Valerie was wearing a white blouse with a single braided shoulder strap and open slits on her sleeves along with a violet cotton skirt. She stood on white 3-inch high heeled sandals (she had debated that morning whether or not to wear stockings and though she worried they were inappropriate, she hadn’t been able to resist sliding them up her legs). Mrs. Reid was a tall, robust woman with short curly blond hair and blue eyes that reflected her mother’s Nordic ancestry.
Just before she reached her office, Valerie noticed a few girls whispering conspiratorially in the corner. They all wore their cheerleader uniforms, even though sports season was long past, for the school’s end of the year spirit celebration. They all wore school tops with pleated skirts barely falling over their thighs with white tennis shoes on their feet. They were lead by the short, raven-haired Janet, a sexy girl with warm brown eyes, ample breasts and a small plush mouth. The group also included Melissa, a pretty blue-eyed blonde with an adorable face lightly touched with freckles and tanned from her outdoor activities. Both girls wore their hair in neat ponytails. The third girl was Gina, a rail-thin, rebellious girl who a smug smirk and her brown hair in a short bob.
They did not notice the principal’s approach. Mrs. Reid paused behind a trophy case and listened.
“Come on, Melissa, do it,” Janet urged her friend. “It’ll be great.”
“Why?” Melissa whined. “It just seems mean. Why do you want to do this? He’s nice.”
“He’s a total geek, plus a bit of a pervert,” Janet argued. “Haven’t you noticed how he stares at Ms. Kane all class? And before she arrived he was always checking you out.” Melissa remained unconvinced.
“Fine, I’ll do this,” Gina announced. She immediately strode across the hallway to set of lockers were a lanky boy was stuffing his books into a backpack.
“Hi, Matthew.”
“Umm, hi Gina,” he greeted her defensively. “What’s up?”
“Not much,” she said. She was tempted to throw in a “handsome” but she needed to keep this trap believable. “Janet, Melissa and I were wondering if you want to come over to Melissa’s house this afternoon to help study for finals.”
“To study?” Matthew took a large gulp of air. “Yes, but you’re so smart we’d probably be done quickly. Then we could just hang out. Don’t tell her I said this, but Melissa really wants you to come.” Mrs. Reid had heard enough. She strode out from her semi-hiding place and walked down the hall. She wanted to interrupt but technically the girls were not doing anything wrong. Melissa’s face still fell when she saw the principal, her cute button nose twitching in fear and regret. As Mrs. Reid walked by Matthew she offered him a friendly smile. His eyes lingered on her as she walked past. The he looked back down over Gina and over at Melissa and Janet.
“Sorry, Gina, sounds fun but I’m really busy this afternoon,” Matthew said and brushed past the now fuming cheerleader.
Mrs. Reid was just close enough to hear Matthew decline the girl’s offer. She was really happy to hear him avoid what could only be a complex scheme to embarrass him. She would find an excuse to deal with Janet and Gina later and to hopefully free Melissa from their spell. For now, Mrs. Reid had a rather unpleasant task in front of her. She had barely returned to her spacious office when there was a light tap at the door. Mrs. Reid sat in the chair behind her desk.

“Come in,” she called out.

In walked the school’s substitute science teacher, Ms. Christina Kane. Valerie was amazed how composed and sophisticated Ms. Kane remained even in the heat. She wore a sexy yet professional dress. It was mostly solid black that stretched to her mid thigh, with a thin red belt around her waist and a red top underneath. She wore her 4-inch black open-toe cut-out pumps, and, despite the sweltering atmosphere, dark, sheer nylons wrapped themselves lovingly up the long, gently muscled curves of her legs. Mrs. Reid idly wondered if they were stockings or pantyhose. Her long red hair showed no signs of reacting against the humidity, but instead stayed in place seemingly with only the assistance of a single black hair clip.
She sat in front of the principal without being invited and she crossed her right leg gracefully over her left. She tilted her head and waited patiently for her superior to speak. Mrs. Reid guessed the younger teacher would wait as long as necessary to force the principal to speak first. That was what made her such an effective substitute teacher: she took control of a situation with the lightest possible touch.
Mrs. Reid was a good principal because she made her authority explicit even when she felt out matched, a feeling the disarmingly alluring Ms. Kane brought out too often. Mrs. Reid couldn’t see even a single trace of sweat on the woman’s skin. Meanwhile, sweat dripped along Mrs. Reid’s thighs, causing her to rub them together. She wondered what it would feel like to see Ms Kane rub her nylon clad thighs together.
“Thank you for coming in, Christina,” Mrs. Reid started off. “You’ll be surprised how difficult it is to get teachers to stay focused at the end of a school year.”
“I’ve never had trouble with focus,” Ms. Kane answered. “You asked me to come, I obeyed.”
“Yes, those characteristics have been much appreciated during your time at this school. You are probably the best substitute teacher I’ve ever had.” Mrs. Reid waited for Ms. Kane to anticipate the “but”…but the younger woman only blinked her bright green eyes and gazed at the principal with seemingly blind obedience. “If it were up to me, you’d be our new biology teacher.”
“Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.”
“Yes, but unfortunately it’s out of my hands. The superintendent is adamant that should Mrs. Goodsbe not return in the fall we need to hire someone with more teaching experience. Your academic credentials are stellar, of course, but this would be your first permanent position.”
“Yes, it would. I understand your dilemma, Principal Reid. You feel like you have to obey your superior.” Ms. Kane brushed a single stray lock of red hair back behind her ear. As she did, the impressively large diamond of her engagement ring caught hold of the summer sun filtering through the office window.
“I hope you understand how much I regret losing you,” Mrs. Reid said.
“The fall is going to be a very busy time for me, anyway,” Ms. Kane explained. “The wedding is scheduled for October. I will be super stressed out then.” She waved her fingers as if dismissing the idea of troubling herself with a job. The light dazzled off her diamond ring again. Mrs. Reid followed, wondering what the light would do next. Mrs. Reid even held her breath waiting for the hand to come to rest.
Ms. Kane noticed and savored her triumph. Ms. Kane always knew it was only a matter of time before she would need to induct the principal into her web of seduction. She couldn’t very well hypnotize all the students of Jasper Falls High without the sexy principal’s help.
But the strict principal’s seduction would not be easy. Ms. Kane had sculpted her body to please and entice the typical male teenager. She flooded their young minds with lust and used that to brainwash them. Mrs. Reid’s seduction would also be brought about by exploiting her arousal but it would require extreme subtlety to raise those feelings in the first place.

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