Long Nail Story #24 – Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons – Chapter 4 : The New Recruit

Long nail
Long Nail
Long nail
Long Nail

Ms. Christina Kane scanned the faces of her diligent charges. They were all busy little bees, completing the Punnett square exercises that she had assigned them while she corrected yesterday’s surprise exam. They made her so proud. They didn’t even notice she was staring at them. The red felt pen in her hand was momentarily forgotten as she basked in their perfect obedience.

She caressed her stocking-encased thigh. So much had changed since Ms. Kane became the school’s permanent biology teacher. A new year meant a new crop of students, with eager young minds she could begin to mold from day one. She would not waste time correcting a previous teacher’s mistakes; they would relax by nobody’s will but Ms. Kane’s.

She ran her palms over her the inside of her thighs, basking in their silky smoothness like she was one of her enraptured students. Christina was so turned on that she could touch herself in the middle of the class and none of her boys and girls would even lift their heads! She leaned back in her chair and inhaled deeply from the white candle burning softly behind her. The candle was infused with the same powerfully hypnotic drug that infused her personal scent as well as other touches of her make-up.

The pleasant scent made her students suggestible enough for her to casually keep command. Naturally, Christina held special tutoring sessions with certain young men each night—a list she kept expanding. She wanted so much more than just improved student habits and behavior, after all. Who would be next? Perhaps the Samuelson boy? Cute, innocent, fair haired Peter could learn so quickly, she was sure. Christina felt a pleasant shiver run through her body as she had a brief day dream of Peter’s innocent blue eyes, wide and blank as she coaxed him into a trance.

Then as she scanned the room again, the decision was made for her…one of her students was not obeying. Instead, he leered back at her, ignoring the assignment she had placed in front of him. Christina leaned forward. She pressed the tips of her fingers together in front of her. Her long, polished maroon fingernails formed a sharp point. Her green eyes peered over the triangle, evaluating the disobedient student in her focus.

The young man in her sights was named Eric. She wasn’t surprised now. Eric had transferred from out of state at the beginning of the year. She thought that Eric understood that Jasper Falls High School was a special place, but apparently his proper orientation had been neglected. Ms. Kane searched through the stack of tests in front of her, picking Eric’s out of the pile. Immediately, she corrected his test, and frowned at the results. He had scored an 82. He obviously had not been paying sufficient attention to her lectures. Christina smiled slowly. She would enjoy bringing him to a more proper way of thinking.

“Eric, please come up here,” she said. The boy sheepishly looked to his classmates for support, but none acknowledged him. Again Ms. Kane took pleasure in their focus on their work, and on her commands.

“Yeah, Ms. Kane?” he asked when he reached her desk.

“Eric, I am concerned about this grade,” she said. She slid the page over her desk top, four fingers pressing down so the flimsy sheet did not blow away. Her dark red-purple nails glittered with their glossy polish, immediately capturing Eric’s attention.

“I got a B,” he said. Eric blinked a bit, finally looking away from her fingers and focusing on Ms. Kane’s face. “So, what’s the problem?”

Ms. Kane blinked. She was used to having her way with male students so easily. Then the smile on her darkly painted lips grew wider. Eric was different. He was not like Matthew. Eric was a confident…no, a cocky, mature teenager used to getting his own way. She crossed her legs beneath her desk. His seduction would be so much more fun…and his cum would be so tasty! Yummm!

“Yes, I see,” she spoke slowly. “Perhaps such a low grade was acceptable at your previous school, but we have very different performance standards here in Jasper Falls…standards that must obeyed.”

Eric frowned, taken aback. “But, Ms. Kane—”

“No buts, Eric. Please report to my office after the final bell today. We need to discuss your test scores and your general progress at this school.” Christina tilted her head, raising an eyebrow. “Do you know where my office is located?”

Eric hesitated a little. Ms. Kane’s shimmering hair fell over her shoulder, and with her face so glamorously made up, she looked like a magazine model. He gulped, and shook his head. “It’s next to Principal Reid’s office,” she said. “Be there by 3 o’clock, and please be attentive to what I have to tell you.” Christina nodded, her stern features melting into that usual lovely smile. “Now, return to your seat.”

She watched him wince a little at the thought of a teacher conference. Christina let her smile widen as he sullenly walked back to his desk. With Eric scheduled for this afternoon, Ms. Kane returned to daydreaming about her other students. She wondered if she would have anyone visit her at home, tonight. She hardly ever had a night to herself anymore. It was hard work educating all the young men of Jasper Falls. She had some help of course, but not nearly enough.

After class, Christina gathered her things and gracefully strode out of the room. Eric watched her leave, marveling at how awesome it was and how much it sucked to have such a hot teacher. He would have to be careful when he saw her after school. In his experience at his last school, most hot teachers were simply stuck up prudes who purposely teased high school boys and then raised hell if any of the young men actually expressed their arousal. He could enjoy looking at her during class but being confined in her office was dangerous.

Still, he could stare her ass, so perfectly perched on her high heels, all day. More students admired her rear as she swayed through the hallways. Christina smiled to herself, seeming to feel the eyes of each student – and even a few teachers – locked onto her swaying hips and ass. She had competition though. Coming from the other end of the hall was Ms. Kane’s boss, Principal Valerie Reid: a tall, gorgeous blond woman, who inspired countless fantasies herself.

Principal Reid wore a very revealing navy blue suit with sheer stockings and 4-inch patent navy pumps. She left her jacket unbuttoned, showcasing a frilly white blouse with a plunging neckline, offering students a compelling view of her large, nearly perfect tits. She smiled warmly back at those students daring enough to take a long, lingering look at her curvaceous beauty. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a particularly naughty student. Russell Sheen stood at his locker, mobile phone in hand. Such devices were prohibited during class hours. Russell’s gaze, lost in staring at Valerie’s luscious body gave him away.

Mrs. Reid stepped over to his locker.

“Umm…Principal Reid,” Russell gasped, managing a weak, nervous smile. “Ah, how are you today, ma’am?” He tried to stuff his phone back in his pants pocket, but was so nervous it fumbled out of his hands. The small phone clattered onto the marble floor, just next to the principal’s left foot, nearly touching her shoe. The lovely blond administrator coolly looked down at it, and slowly lifted her disapproving gaze to look Russell in the eye.

“Russell,” Mrs. Reid chided, shaking her head. “I’m disappointed in you. You know that cell phones are not allowed in school.”

“I’m sorry, Principal Reid,” he stammered. “I was just talking to my mother…she called with news about my early decision application from Brown…and…I just needed…” Russell slowly trailed off. Christina would see that the boy’s eyes were now fixed upon Valerie’s cleavage.

Mrs. Reid smiled. He had noticed the sparkling blue crystal dangling between her tits. Valerie reached up, gently resting her fingertips on the frilled neckline of her blouse. Her long nails were polished with a clear gloss, accentuating her sexy French manicure. She teasingly caressed the pendant’s long chain, allowing the blue glow from the crystal to sparkle over the shiny surface of her nails, and tease him with their sexy, sensuous sight.

“What was the good news?” Mrs. Reid asked.

Her soft voice shocked Russell out of his daze. He blushed, lifting his eyes to Valerie’s face. “Oh,” he blinked, then beamed with a wide smile. “I got in! I got in…” That quiet trailing off was such a turn on for Valerie. The lovely principal smiled so wickedly, seeing his gaze drawn once more to her glowing crystal and sexy long nails.

“Russell, that is fantastic news,” Mrs. Reid said. “You are such a great student and you deserve this. But…I can’t allow even the best student to flaunt the rules. If you are going to be successful in future endeavors, you must learn to obey. I want you to report to my office early tomorrow before class, so we can discuss this further.”

“Yes, Mrs. Reid.” Russell murmured, properly chastened. Yes, Mrs. Reid. Valerie loved that phrase. She imagined what it would sound like from a voice so soft and dreamy, lost in a trance.

“And please pick up your phone.”

“Yes, Mrs. Reid.” He knelt before her, hesitating at her feet. Russell blatantly took the opportunity to admire her legs in those sheer stockings. He looked away hastily, brushing his fingers against Valerie’s shoe as he grabbed for the phone. Mrs. Reid shuddered a little, feeling a swell of moist heat between her thighs. Why had she worn panties that morning? It would be so easy to pull Russell’s lips to her pussy, to overwhelm his senses and dominate him right there in the hallway! But, “patience was critical,” Ms. Kane’s voice thundered in her mind. Mrs. Reid took a deep breath, letting out her growing arousal and tension with a soft sigh. The motion would draw Russell’s eye to her deep cleavage as he stood up from the floor.

“Tomorrow morning, Russell,” Mrs. Reid repeated. “And, I want you to write me a paragraph essay…on how important it is to follow the rules. I need to know that you spent the night thinking of this conversation.” And stroking your young hard cock, she added silently. “Yes, Mrs. Reid.” Russell would not be only one to spend the night dreaming of their early morning encounter.

Ms. Kane looked on this with a smile. Valerie was so easily slipping into her new role as a seductress. It was so delicious to see. Ms. Kane slowly walked over to her voluptuous protégé, politely greeting her with a nod of her head.

Valerie gave Christina a lusty little smile. “Good day, Ms. Kane.”

“Good day, Mrs. Reid,” she replied. Christina walked in step with the older woman, their high heels clicking on the marble floor in perfect harmony. “I need your opinion about how to handle a new student.”

“Oh?” The lovely blond raised an eyebrow. “And which student would that be?” Valerie slowly scanned the hallway for other spots of misbehavior. There were none. Her looks were greeted with smiling, respectful faces. Mrs. Reid strode confidently along her way, thinking that Ms. Kane was just keeping up appearances.

“Eric Creedmore.” Valerie stopped in her tracks. Her eyes betrayed her own curiosity. Christina frowned. “Have you spoken to him yet?”

“No, I haven’t,” Valerie answered. “He is apparently a very gifted athlete. His family has moved several times in the past year. Our Coach Payne actively sought to recruit Eric instead of his going to the regional high school.”

Just then, the two teachers turned a corner and entered the hallway to their private offices. Mrs. Reid gripped the younger teacher’s wrist. “Are,” Valerie licked her lips. “are you going to hypnotize him?”

Christina looked into Valerie’s eyes. The luscious redhead could not help but smile at the excitement and eagerness in those pretty blue eyes. “Of course,” Ms. Kane purred. “He is particularly free spirited. He must learn that he is no more able to resist our sexy spell than any of his peers. I’m going to seduce him in my office. In my office, this afternoon, there will be a hapless, horny, hard student sitting in my chair falling deep into a trace.”

“Mmmm,” Mrs. Reid squealed like a much younger girl. She already imagined herself masturbating this afternoon, her heels propped against her desk top, her blouse completely discarded, and the dildo she now keep in her desk drawer sliding in and out of her pussy while she listened in on the faint noises of pleasure emanating from the other office. “Please don’t hesitant to call me in if you need help with this disciplinarian matter…”* * *

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