Long Nail Story #25 – Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons – Chapter 5 : The Suspicious Girlfriend

Long Nail
Long nail
Long Nail
Long nail

Many things had changed for Principal Valerie Reid since Christina Kane had arrived as the school’s biology teacher. Mrs. Reid had learned exciting new ways to educate more properly the students in her school. She felt a flush of confidence as she fondly recalled last weekend’s special detention session. But some rules never changed, chief among them, the principal’s office was always a scary place.

Principal Reid would not have changed that reality even if it were in her recently expanded power. Her authority over even the school’s best students required an element of fear. Sometimes Valerie wished she could drop her mask of authority when a particular situation required a gentler, warmer touch. Other times she thrived on her reputation as strict disciplinarian. She had not yet decided which woman she wanted to be right now.

In the reception area, Caitlyn Horwitz sat nervously waiting for Mrs. Reid to invite her back into the principal’s private office. Caitlyn was a top honors student, a member of Student Council, vice-president of the Student Mediation Committee and an all-conference soccer player. She did not normally visit the principal’s office.

Valerie watched Caitlyn twisting the fabric of her tweed skirt and grimacing. Her hair that was normally tied in either a simple ponytail or combed neatly at her shoulders was now hanging limply over the side of her face. Valerie knew Caitlyn carried a demanding schedule but she had never seen the senior looking so frazzled and overwhelmed.

Mrs. Reid watched the stressed student through a small crack in her office door. She guessed the reason for Caitlyn’s presence by the way the student kept glancing to the office that shared a window into the principal’s reception area. It was Ms. Kane’s office. Since Ms. Kane was in her classroom, the blinds were open to reveal two empty leather chairs.

Caitlyn knew Ms. Kane was in class. She had purposely come to Principal Reid when she knew the teacher would not be sitting in the adjacent office.

Valerie gently closed her door and walked over to her large, modern desk. Another change: before Ms. Kane’s arrival Mrs. Reid would never have felt so comfortable in 4-inch high heels. Now she could not imagine roaming the hallways in anything but such sexy stilettos.

She sat behind her desk and reached into lowest drawer. It was a drawer containing many hypnotic items she had borrowed from Ms. Kane, items she would now use to hypnotize Caitlyn. Mrs. Reid drew out a small, black velvet box. Inside were large and expensive dangle, hinged post earrings set in white gold, dripping with glittering pave diamonds,. Her long nailed fingers expertly removed the pearl studs from her ears. Her fingernails were polished to a deep red luster, the same alluring polish that Ms. Kane was worn on her first day at Jasper Falls.

Mrs. Reid shuddered at the feel of her own nails on her skin. Ms. Kane had taught her it was right to enjoy her own touch, the erotic appreciation of her own assets. It allowed her to imagine the sensations experienced by those students slowly falling into a trance in front of her. Her pussy began to leak as she inserted the post through the small piercing in her earlobe. Once they were secured, she felt the extra weight and smiled.

She returned to her door and this time walked through, finding Caitlyn still waiting nervously in the hard office chair.

“Caitlyn, I understand you need to talk to me on an urgent matter?”

“Oh, Mrs. Reid,” Caitlyn looked up. “Yes, I really need to talk with you.

“So you want to come into my office?” Caitlyn nodded.

“Excuse me, but I cannot hear you Caitlyn,” Mrs. Reid said a little more sternly.

“Yes, Mrs. Reid. I would like to talk in private.”

“Then please come with me,” Mrs. Reid resumed her more pleasant and welcoming smile. She indicated that Caitlyn should walk into her office. Mrs. Reid trailed behind, stopping to rest a hand on her secretary’s shoulder and giving her assistant secret instructions. Francine was only a few years out of high school, practically a teenager herself, so not privy to the secret activities of certain female staff members.

Caitlyn noticed the principal was not right behind. She saw Mrs. Reid talking to the secretary. Caitlyn looked again at Ms. Kane’s office but there was still no one there. Caitlyn wanted to demand something but her deference to authority prevented her from doing so.

“I was just telling Francine not to disturb us with any calls or visitors,” Mrs. Reid sensed the student’s concern. “So I can focus on you.” Caitlyn nodded and stepped into the office. Valerie shut the door behind them. On the other side of the principal’s door, Mrs. Reid tried to coax the truth out of the normally articulate young woman.

“Please tell me everything, Caitlyn,” Mrs. Reid said. “I can tell something’s really upsetting you and I know you’ll feel so much better and more relaxed when you get it off your shoulders.”

“This is so hard to say,” Caitlyn began. “You know I respect and trust you Mrs. Reid and you’ve always been a great principal to the students.” Valerie nodded thoughtfully.

“Thank you, Caitlyn. But that is not what you came to tell me. Are you in some kind of trouble? Would you feel more comfortable if I called in Ms. Fielding?” She was the school’s counselor and handled the occasional teen pregnancy or drug problem that flared up in quiet Jasper Falls High. More often she handled family drama and bad breakups.

“No, I don’t want to tell anyone but you, Mrs. Reid.” Caitlyn meant every word of her praise. She both adored and deeply respected the principal. Mrs. Reid had supported Caitlyn in all her academic endeavors and pushed her to aim ever higher, beyond the narrow confines of Jasper Falls.

Caitlyn thought fondly of last spring when Mrs. Reid had accompanied Caitlyn to the state student-athlete awards banquet. Caitlyn had sat there in a brand new blue satin dress and matching d’Orsay pumps while listening as Mrs. Reid told educators for all over the state what a brilliant young adult Caitlyn had become right before her eyes. She had been embarrassed but also thrilled by the praise, never feeling more like an adult as when she walked to the podium in the heels her mother had prohibited but her father had allowed her with a wink.

Now, months later, Caitlyn had to walk into Mrs. Reid’s office ready for confrontation. It would be so much easier just to trust the older woman again and confident in her everything. But Caitlyn reminded herself why they wouldn’t work. She needed to stick to the script in her head.

Caitlyn took a deep breath and drew on her core strength of character. As she breathed deeply, she already felt better, more trusting, more ready to share. She breathed again, ignorant that she inhaled the hypnotic scent patented by Ms. Kane. She just knew it felt good.

“As vice-president of the student mentoring committee, I observe absolute confidentiality policy unless I have reason to believe that violence is occurring or is very likely to occur, in which case it is my responsibility to inform you or a senior administrator.”

“Is that what this about? It’s been so long since we’ve had a fight at school.”

“No, no, it’s not that Mrs. Reid. I just…just want to say I believe in that system. But this time I want to tell you about something without letting you know how I came into this information. I hope that’s ok.” She shook her hard, trying to find her resolve again. “I mean, it has to be ok. I am going to tell you what I know and then you can investigate. I’m not going to reveal my source and I’m prepared to accept the consequences of my refusal to divulge that information.

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