Long Nail Story #26 – Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons – Chapter 6 : The Mean Girls

long nail
long nail
LOng Nail

It was long past time, Ms. Kane decided. Janet needed to be taught how to obey. As the rest of the school conformed to Ms. Kane’s new order, readily embracing a path of pleasurable seduction, young, prideful Janet, had fought even harder to be a troublemaker. Janet and her clique needed to be hypnotized and Ms. Kane had decided to outsource the task.

Ms. Kane was dressed in one of her standard, non-seduction outfits. Her fiery red hair was subdued for once, straightened and held up in a neat bun. She wore a white v-neck cardigan and a black and white skirt. Her heels were simple black almond-toe 4-inch stilettos. She would not be seducing any boys today. Frankly, she was running out of fresh converts. A pity, she sighed to herself, as virginal cum was best off the first innocent hit.

Ms. Kane did not savor the submission of the mean, vindictive teenage girls like Janet who had operated with immunity prior to Ms. Kane’s arrival at Jasper Falls. Their complete submission to Ms. Kane’s sexy will was necessary, but would bring the teacher no pleasure. Which is why Christina Kane would assign the job to the school’s young guidance counselor, Ms. Danielle Fielding.

Christina strolled casually into Ms. Fielding’s office. The blonde counselor was lazily checking her email when Ms. Kane intruded without a hint of apology. Danielle looked open over her gold-framed glasses but didn’t object, though her hand shook slightly as she stared at the computer’s screen. Her long, glittery fingernails wrapped around the mouse. And clicked open.

“Is this a bad time, Ms. Fielding?” Ms. Kane asked. She wanted the blonde’s complete attention. She ran the tip of her long red fingernail against the side of leg, the beautiful sparkling tip shining as it grazed stocking-covered thigh. It tickled a great deal or so Ms. Fielding assumed.

“Is this about Janet and Melissa and Gina?” Ms. Fielding asked. Ms. Kane merely arched an eyebrow in response. “Principal Reid emailed me about your concerns.” It was the principal’s email that Ms. Fielding has opened as Ms. Kane walked in. It read:

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