Long Nail Story #27 – Red Nail

Long Nail red
Long Nail red
Long Nail red
Long Nail red

He arrived home late again. He noticed that she had set a special meal and had planned an evening.

In the bedroom he notices that his bedside light has been left on, but she appears to be asleep.

He goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Drying himself off after his shower he enter the bedroom and gently drops into bed.

Lying with his back propped up by his pillows; he reaches to turn off the light, when he feels her hand on his chest.

Looking down he sees her white hand resting between his nipples. At the end of each finger is a lovely tapered nail that had been freshly lacquered with red polish. Nails that are bright, shiny and wet looking. Nails that are just long enough to be sexy.

One of her fingers trails down his chest, circling his nipples, raising them to points and then moving slowly to his navel. At his navel she gently presses her nail into the dimple and swirls it around. His breath catches at the feeling.

His manhood stirs and begins to thicken. Red always excites him. Long nails always excite him. The two together drive him toward the edge.

She moves her hand back up his chest. Flattening it so he can see the red tips as they play over him. He watches her hand as she makes it into a claw and gently rakes it across his nipples and down his chest, making him hiss at the sensations that rocket through him. She drags her nails down his chest and onto his stomach and stops short of his groin.

His cock jumps and twitches. It lengthens and hardens.

She gathers his balls into her hand and rolls them to and fro. Pulling on them, she cages them inside her fingers and lets them run through the bright red bars of her nails until they escape to freedom.

She trails a finger up the length of his rigidness. He watches entranced as the shiny red tip circles the knob of his cock. Around and around until a drop of glistening pre-cum moistens her fingertip.

Capturing it she slowly brings it to her mouth. Her pink tongue snakes through her red lips and catches the drop before it falls.

He watches mesmerized as she slides her red tipped finger in and out of her mouth to make it wet. He watches as it leaves her red lips and travels to his body.

She glides her wet finger down over his cock and watches it jump as the wetness from her finger dries.

She cages him with her fingers, pulling her hand up his shaft, raking her nails along all sides of him.

She can see the beat of his heart in the pulse of the veins on his penis. She watches, as he trusts his hips into her hand begging for more.

Straddling his legs, she places both of her hands on his chest and runs her nails softly over it. She makes sure that she rakes across his nipples and causes the wonderful pleasure/pain that he so enjoys.

Applying more pressure she scrapes her nails down his chest leaving trails of red marks. She makes several passes down his chest to make sure that all areas have received her loving attention.

Easing herself off his legs, she applies pressure with her hands, indicating that he should open himself to her. With his compliance he is completely open to her touch.

She scrapes her nails down his thighs to his knees. He watches as the red nails run through the hairs on his legs, enjoying the red being brushed by threads of brown. She rakes across his balls and trails her fingers down to the area between his sack and anus. Gently she rakes the area and smiles as his ass tightens and he groans feeling the pressure inside of him build. She makes several passes, bringing moans each time.

He is turgid and his cockhead glistens with the oozing of his pre-cum, as it turns red with the desire for release.

Her hands with the long red tapered nails lift him up and roll his hardness between them. She always makes sure that he can see the flashing of the nails in the light. Moistening her palms with his crystal clear juices she grasps and tugs. Using more pressure she quickens the friction always gathering more of his moistness.

She feels him tense getting ready for his release.

She runs her nails across his cock and balls again. Scraping the tip of him. She watches as he trembles and shakes, as he tenses and releases his passion.

Together they watch as white creamy pearls of his cum run across her red nails.

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