Long Nail Story #3

Long Nail Pink
Long Nail Pink
A dream would be more believable than the following true experience. Last month I was in New York City on business and I was staying an expensive hotel on the upper East side. After a very stressful day of potential clients slamming doors in my face I decided a warm, hot sauna in the hotel health club was the answer to all my troubles. 

Wearing sweats and an old ripped T-Shirt I proceeded to the top floor. As the elevator doors slide into their respective pockets, I was greeted by a three quarter view of a rather plain looking attendant at the counter. The pale skin of her left cheek was blemish free and her dark brunette hair was twisted skillfully into a very tight, thick braid down the center of her back and the end of this rope like plait was not visible. As I approached the chest high counter I noticed that her porcelain shoulders and the nape of her long neck were slightly exposed because of the sleeveless white T-Shirt she was wearing. Stepping to the front of counter a nervous "hello" uttered from my dry, chapped lips.
Turning, as she drank from a water bottle she was noticeably startled by my presence. Without blinking, and quite possibly staring, I noticed five, fiery red curved fingernails nails wrapped eloquently around the water bottle. Her turn revealed a phone receiver held to her right ear with her other hand which was just as amazing as the first. 

In a soft, pure voice she spoke into the phone, "I have a customer, I'll have to call you back". I apologized for the interruption as she hung up the phone on the counter between us. A graceful tap of her thumb, index and middle finger nails on the base of the phone rebounded to my ears like music from the heavens. She placed the water bottle on the counter and rested her chin on her clasped hands revealing the true length of her gorgeous red talons. They curved over the tops of her smooth white hands almost reaching the top of each wrist. Her ruby red lips peered open as she told me not to worry about the interruption. "After all" she said, "your the only person to come in here all night and I was just catching up on a few personal calls".

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