Long Nail Story #5

ass long nail pink
ass long nail pink
Glad to see your back on the Web. Sure missed your page. maybe i am just one of the lucky ones I guess!! I have contributed to your page with long nailed stories before and can not believe how fortunate i really am to see all the long-nailed beauties i see. I guess it must be the industry I am in. I have been a sales rep for the last 6 years for a major gaming firm based in Las Vegas. I see many sexy ladies in my travels and when I walk the casino floor with the mangers and slot mangers for ideas, i come across some of the sexiest talons in the world. 

I have met and approached many of them, been turned down by them, but have come back at the hard to get ones with the ole "Cutter Cam" and have taped some of those sexy talons for myself! Recently I was in Atlantic City in a casino and as i walked the gaming floor I noticed a pretty black woman with the biggest hair-do I have ever seen. i actually thought she was a showgirl that was on break. I quickly finished my work, a little hurriedly i must add, and quickly went to the bank of slots she was playing on. !t is really easy for me to start up a quick conservation with her due to the fact I am in the business, and a lot of people for some reason think i know the slot machines you should play.

 This young lady had some incredible nails. They were 3-4" long with a wicked curl to them. She had them adorned with the neatest nail jewelry and had them painted a deep red, one of my favorite colors. She was constantly dropping tokens on the floor due the awkwardness of her trying to get them out of her cup. I gladly stepped in and helped her ............ Thanks to a lot of your contributors letters i have read a real nice compliment was in ordeal! She stopped playing her machine and showed them to me. She let me touch them and assured me that out to be a local, so I asked her if she would show me around. She obliged and we went to dinner in the hotel. 

I could not keep my eyes off her nails!Y! She tapped them on her cocktail glass and clicked them on her peuter dinner plate and the sound drove me nuts. I was getting hard as a rock and was not about to stand up and exuse myself. She said, "You really like my nails, don't you".

I was stuck for a second but replied , "yes". I said they are beautiful and after a coupIr cocktails spilled out my whole life story and my craving long fingernail fetish. I even discussed the fact that there were a few nail pages on the web and i told her about NTC. She was surprised and i do not know if she had the same fetish I had or she was just interested in seeing other ladies nails. 

After dinner she moved over and sat next to me in our booth. We ordered dessert and a good bottle of "Taittinger" champange. She had good taste and complimented me on the champagne. She started to run her nails down my arms .................. Oh man!!! I started getting goose bumps. She asked me If I liked it and i said it was driving me crazy!! Just the sight of her drinking bubbly out of that glass with her long nails on that glass and her other hand on my arm was making me hard as a rock. I asked her for a kiss and she obliged,but she quickly dropped the bomb on me and said she better not go any further than the kiss! darn!! But i guess that is OK, because I was just as turned on by just looking at her nails. I asked her if she would like to come up in my room for a nightcap and see NTC on my computer .............. Nice try, but she said some other time. 

That was OK for me and she gave me her phone number. We decided to go to the lounge and have a cognac or two. She was a great dancer and loved to flash those nails around. I now I am not the only guy with the long nail fetish. Guys were checking her nails out left and right. We continued on for a while and she decided to call it an evening. I got one more little peck on the lips and she proceeded to leave ....... man those nails!! Goes to show you, no nookie tonight but those sexy nails are in my mind till i see her next time!! I guess it is on the ole hotel room with my lap-top and NTC.

 they were real. She had them almost consistent in length. They reminded me of the "Susan Tape". 

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