Long Nail Story #6

long red nail
long red nail
long red nail
long red nail
Night Train 
Nobody really knew much about her. Even he only knew she worked at the same office as he did and that she always looked great. With her long red nails and super high stiletto heels she was quite as site at six in the morning as they both seemed to cross paths every weekday as they rode up the elevator to the 42nd floor of the Maddox building. Down the hall was where she worked and boasted a VP on her door. He worked down the hall and his door only boasted Dell Plumbing and Heating Accounting Office. he never really thought he had a chance at a date with a gorgeous creature such as Candice Romain but he knew he had to ask her out and whatever happened, happened.

 He was very nervous as tonight was it, she accepted unsuspectingly and in a few hours they would be in his 67 Pontiac heading for a great dinner at Casa Blanca where they could see the inside cliff divers do their wonders, plus be served fine Mexican dishes and get to know each other.

 He was very nervous as he approached her door. She lived on the east side of Denver and in a very exclusive neighborhood. These houses must be in the 300 to 400 grand range he thought as he noticed the sidewalk was made of marble stones. hell, what could she have possibly seen in a man approaching 45 and not anywhere near her in the money making category. He did think his firm body was better than most his age but why did she accept, this was killing him but he didn't care. She had seen something she liked and before tonight was over he would probably know what it was.

 Bill Stanton had never been with anyone like her. Tonight would be special and a night to remember forever he thought as he rang the door bell. A tall and slender blond wearing a leather jumpsuit answered the door and said, oh! you must be Candice's date Bill, please come in she is about ready. Bill was 5'-10 and this blond towered over him by at least 7 or 8 inches as she walked seductively in her 6" black leather pumps and pointed to a fine leather chair where he could sit and wait. My name is Brenice she said as she handed him a lass of Iced Tea and said, hope you like iced tea it's all we have Bill. Bill smiled and said love Iced Tea Brenice thanks. As Bill drank the tea he looked around and seen a trophy case against a far wall of the room.

Brenice noticed him looking and said, come on Bill, those are Candyís trophies. She used to compete as an equestrian years ago. She was one of the best riders in this part of the country. As Bill looked and admired the few dozen trophies with her name engraved on them the silence was broken by a familiar sound he had heard in the halls a hundred times. Candice had an unusual walk and to top it off her high stiletto heels added too it. She was slightly bull legged and her walk was enough to melt a mans soul. Bill looked over and was speechless as Candice smiled and neared him wearing a long leather low cut gown with a pair of her famous 6" stilettos made of black patent leather.

Bill had never seen such magnificent beauty and all he could mutter was, My God Candice Romain, I don't feel worthy of a date with you. Candice broke the ice and said, Bill, lets get started I can't wait to eat I am famished. Bill was happy to hear that because he wouldn't feel awkward as he also had not eaten much today either. Candice I hope my ride is OK with you. Yes it is replied Candice but! tonight is special so I have taken the liberty of arranging well, a limo for us to ride in so we can enjoy each other as we travel tonight. About then Brenice returned wearing a chauffeurs cap, she smiled and said, come on, I feel like cruising the limo for you tonight Mistress Candice, Brenice squeaked out an OOPS! and Candice sneered at her and said. Where is Charles. I gave him the night off Miss uh I mean Candy. Well lets get started then Brenice and off they went.

 Once in the limo Bill started to announce directions to Casa Blanca but Candice stopped him and said Bill, we are not going there, I have made other arrangements I hope you don't mind. Bill was a bit irritated but she was the lady and Ladies have been known to change their minds, Bill had arranged for flowers to be delivered to Casa Blanca but he would just have to ride it out and the ride would be worth it as being anywhere with the Goddess was actually fine so he said to her. Well, I am yours tonight Candice no problem. Candice Smiled and said, I know. Bill said know what? Candice replied, that you are mine. Bill felt a little uneasy and felt he was losing control but he seemed to also feel a strange sexual sensation along with it and so he shut up and smiled.

 After a short time the limo came to a stop in a private parking garage just outside Union Station in Denverís notorious LoDo ( Lower Downtown) section. Bill Candice said, you have no idea who I really am do you Hon? Bill looked at Candice and said, what? who? Candice replied I am Candice Romine not Romain of the Romine's that own General Pacific Railroad. What! Old man Romine has a daughter nobody knows about the surprised Bill asked. Yes dear, My father has protected me all my life from those that would use me to get to his fortune. I am worth billions. I have the office where you work as a place to do things for daddy and I have found I like being able to go around in public un-denounced to the world as a rich and famous brat. You see Bill, I have an IQ of over 150 and I am nobodies fool. I could make it if I were dirt poor with my brains, however, what I enjoy most of all is power. To me, power is being able to be who I am, and still go through the darkness unknown to the world. This was getting too be very weird thought Bill and he was unsure if he even wanted to finish the date by now.

 Oh, OK Candice. where to now asked the puzzled and unsure little man named Bill. Follow us in through the security gate to our private train. Brenice and Bill followed the tall Raven to her moving lair. It was an engine with 6 custom made cars. The cars were painted dark red and in a misty white were the words, Night Train, painted on the side of the first car. The moon lit night added to the mystery and once they were all inside Candice closed and locked the door closed. It didn't take long for the train to start rolling and as the three walked further in Bill could see that the first car had only one table and two chairs yet the table was covered by a huge cloth. Against the wall was a bench and that was where Candice and Brenice sat down. Bill, said Candice, would you mind giving me a light please. Bill was surprised to see the Raven pull a huge cigar out of her purse and hold it up to be lit. Bill said, I don't smoke.

oh! said a now sarcastic Candice, I thought you might be a gentleman and carry a light for me anyway. It got very silent now and Candice and Brenice were smiling at each other as an insulted Bill thought to himself what a mistake he had made getting on the train. Soon enough Candice leaned back against the wall and said to Bill, so Bill, you are alone in the world now correct. Bill was dumbfounded at this as he was indeed alone. There were no surviving members left in his family and he had no friends that knew he was on the train as he had told them he was going to Casa Blanca. A streak of fear shot through him as he replied. Oh no, I am not alone at all. The Ladies laughed and Brenice stood up and walked around him like a wolf circles it's prey.

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