Long Nail Story #8

Long Black Nail
Long Black Nail
Long Black Nail
Long Black Nail
Something Special  

 The day was not coming to an end for Candice Fontaine as she had hoped it would. She was stressed, tired and full of anger for what had happened to her in the early part of the day. As a top notch Account Representative for Byers Bra's she was down right furious at the Man that had fucked her over by stealing her files and then the major account of the year. She could not prove it and she did not care. All she cared about now was dishing out something special to this bastard. Her kind of revenge would do fine she thought as five roled around and she took herself down the elevator to and to the parking garage.

 Once home, Candice got out of her business apparell which consisted of an ugly long skirt and 2" heels which she had been told to wear by the same Bastard that fucked her over earlier that day.
 Her Boss! Ron Dalton. Ron Dalton was a squirmish worm of a man that had cheated and lied to get where he was by making himself look good, only by making others look bad. He was a snitch and a weasel that stood 5'-5" tall and had an attitude that stood as high as the clouds themselves. Well tonight I will make the fucker pay Candice thought to herself as she opened the closet and put on her favorite type of clothing, Leather and 6" heels.

 Candice was why most of the accounts were with Byers Bras and Ron knew this, but he hated her because he had no way to get rid of her. If she left he would have to explain it to Dale Byers, owner of the fortune 500 company, as to where his top Lady went and why. But he fucked her good today. Yup! fucked her out of a 25 thousand dollar cut from the account.

 Ron would be where he always was on Friday night, at the fucking strip bar called Pervy's.  Candice slipped into a short, tight fitting, leather mini-dress that was strapless and had no sleeves. It was low cut and would show her full breasts to all that looked. She had on a pair of 6" black leather stilettoe pumps that looked like they were custom fit to her feet. She stood 6'-6" tall in these and she knew she would tower over the bastard later that night in these shoes. Candice had well built legs and she wore no stockings this night. She instead, wanted her new tatoo to show to the world. A black crossbow held by a nude female. This was her true colors, she was a firm beleiver in femine power and the Amazonian symbol wore very well on the statuesque Queens legs as she walked to her black 97 vette and climbed in to go to the strip club where she would find the pig.

 The car had a sun-roof and Candice's long black hair was blowing wildly as she did 85 on the highway that would take her to vengence. Her full lips were painted red and her long 2 inch nails were painted the same as her leather, shoes and car, her favorite color, black!

 By the time she arrived her hair had given new meaning to the word wild. She decided she would leave her hair looking like this and did not bother combing it as she walked into the dimly lit bar where Females took subserviance to a new limit dancing in front of pigs that had money to burn. she would get even for all Womenkind later tonight she thought to herself as she walked pass a stunned doorman and towards the bar.

 After her dark brown eyes adjusted to the light she see that every man in the place was looking at her including the bastard "ron" himself. His mouth was open and he looked like he had seen a ghost.
 What will it be Lady a shirly temple the bartender said as Candice stood staring at the room.

You have a smart mouth mother fucker Candice replied to him, before he could anwser though she said, give me scotch boy now. The bartender was stunned and decided to back off so that this sexy Goddess would stay in the bar where he could look at her for awhile. Candice was very sexy and he knew he would be making a mistake if she got pissed and left.

 Candice methodically downed the glass of scotch as all watched. She felt mean and she was thirsty for another so she slammed the glass on the bar and said....Give me another boy and make it a double this time! Yes Miss whatever you want is yours and it's on the house. The bartender was now lust struck by her and he would give her what she wanted free to ensure she would not leave because everyone was looking at this Goddess now and he thought maybee if she got drunk he would get to see her strip. The tall Candice sat down and faced the stage where ron was seated as she contemplated her next move towards revenge. She stood up and walked over to the stage where he was seated and then slowely raised her hand and pointed to the blond stripper up on the stage. Candice pointed to the floor telling her to get off the stage. The dancer was afraid to challenge Candice and she smiled and walked down the stairs to the floor and said...all yours.

 The D J stopped the music and said over his mic.." what music ya want miss?
Candice replied..Straight On For You by Heart will be fine boy. He nodded OK and Candice climbed the stairs which elevated her even higher than she already stood above the crowd  The stage filled within 10 seconds and ron was speechless as he viewed the bitch he had fucked out of 25 grand earlier that day.

 As the song started playing Candice started dancing. She was a great dancer and all the other strippers crowded the edge of the stage cheering her on. About halfway through the song she had stripped down to her heels and leather g-string and no more.
She stood in front of ron and as she swayed her body she pointed to the Amazonian figure tatooed on her upper right thigh. ron was hard as a rock watching what he thought he would fuck in the ass later this night. Candice sat down in front of ron with her legs over his shoulders and ron, with his mouth wide open said My my my Candice..I think I better change the dress code at work. Candice smiled as she fought to keep from slicing his eyes out right then and there. ron knew she was there for him but he made the mistake that Candice knew he would make..he thought she had given up and was trying to buddy up to him by offering her sex.

 As the song ended Candice sat there tapping her long nails on the stage floor. ron was mezmerized looking at them and hearing the sexy sound of her femininity. Candice said to ron...lets blow this popsickle stand stud and go to my place for some real sexy fun. ron stood and said ok you drive I am too drunk....Candice laughed and grabbed his tie as she led him out of the bar like she was walking a dog on a leash. As they neared the door she turned and waved bye bye the cheering crowd.

 Once in the vette Candice said nothing to the pig. He was drunk and was saying that he had big plans for her, that he would make sure she was set for life in the company and that she only need take care of him when he wanted sex. Candice drove 95 on the way back as she could hardly wait to get her special revenge this night. Once back at her place, Canidce had ron sit on her couch while she made a drink for him. As Candice watched the pig drink she laughed at how he kept saying he was a great cocksman and that she would be begging for more all night long, Candice of course knew that would not happen to her and that he would be the one begging, only for mercy instead of for more! Candice was ready for the capture now. She decided no drugs for knocking the wimp out, she would do it herself with her own force. She walked in front of ron and said...I am going to do something special to you ron...Ron replied allright!! he started dropping his drawers in preperation for what he though would be the best head he had ever received but as he lowering his pants Candice grabbed his right wrist and bent it backwards almost to the point of snapping the bone. ron fell to his kness and screamed in pain..What the fuck ahhhhhhhh!!! is Thisss Ahhhhhhh ouchhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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