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Long Nail Story #28 – MY LEAST FAVORITE AUNT

November 29, 2019 X Long Nail Admin 0

I wasn’t happy. For months, I’d been looking forward to my parents’ vacation, if only because it meant I’d have the house to myself for two weeks — the big dream of any 14 year old boy. Then, at the last minute, my stupid aunt had to go and move back into the area and need a place to stay. I barely knew the woman. I mean, I knew she was family and everything, but she hadn’t been around since I was a kid

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Long Nail Story #27 – Red Nail

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He arrived home late again. He noticed that she had set a special meal and had planned an evening.

In the bedroom he notices that his bedside light has been left on, but she appears to be asleep.

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Long Nail Story #24 – Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons – Chapter 4 : The New Recruit

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Ms. Christina Kane scanned the faces of her diligent charges. They were all busy little bees, completing the Punnett square exercises that she had assigned them while she corrected yesterday’s surprise exam. They made her so proud. They didn’t even notice she was staring at them. The red felt pen in her hand was momentarily forgotten as she basked in their perfect obedience.